About Me

Hey! I'm Stuart and I single handedly run, design, pack and post everything here at TFCo (With some help from the Fiancé and Fynn the Border Collie).

It all started with my passion for History inspired by my Grandad George and my Great Uncle John. Not much is known about what my Grandad did during WW2 other than he worked on searchlights. We know more about my Great Uncle John as he served as groundcrew on Halifax Bombers and took photos along the way!

My Great Uncle John

These pictures and stories inspired me to be brought up surrounded in history and as soon as I found you could take part in reenactments and living history, I was there! Since then I have been sleeping in trenches and driving round in military trucks for fun and my own education to find out how they lived. I would fully recommend anyone to get involved! 

Setting up TFCo was a mix of my passion for history and my design background.

Me manning the Vickers at The Yorkshire Wartime Experience

Where did the Scouting come in?

Scouting has been a HUGE part of my upbringing. I have been in since I was 6 years old and I have made many lifelong friends, been on amazing adventures and is also where I met the Fiancé! 

Following on from a successful online campfire that has been viewed over 340,000 times, I set up the Scouting range for fellow campfire leaders but I am now constantly expanding the range!

So when you purchase from TFCo, I genuinely do a little dance because you are supporting my dream! So to every customer I say a HUGE Thank you!